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MultiCare opens Point Ruston Indigo Urgent Care Clinic

The Point Ruston Indigo Urgent Care overlooks the Puget Sound and is open seven days a week.
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MultiCare opens Indigo Urgent Care clinic in Federal Way

MultiCare's latest Indigo Urgent Care clinic opens today in Federal Way.
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5 ways MultiCare is focusing on health equity

What is health equity? And how is MultiCare working toward it?
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Indigo Urgent Care, Mary Bridge help local teen during cardiac emergency

The New Year began with a shock for the Quisenberry family when a precautionary visit to urgent care quickly turned into a cardiac emergency.
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Don’t eat Tide Pods: ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ is simply peer pressure

Teens are filming themselves eating laundry detergent "pods" as a sort of social media stunt.
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MultiCare opening Indigo Urgent Care in Seattle’s Rainier Valley neighborhood

Clinic caters to individuals who want high quality care — fast.
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MultiCare opens Indigo Urgent Care Clinic in Marysville

MultiCare's newest line of clinics offers speed, convenience and ambiance
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