COVID-19 Update

Several Indigo locations offer COVID-19 rapid (RT-PCR) tests. Before you visit us, please review our testing options and clinic safety information. 


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Preventive Health

Safe under the stars: Building a camping first-aid kit

A well-stocked first-aid kit is essential when you’re camping in the great outdoors. Learn what to include in yours, from first-aid basics to key essentials you may not have thought of.

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Injury, Preventive Health

Exercise safely this summer

Don’t let preventable injuries put your summer exercise routine on hold. Learn about common injuries and ways to exercise safely this season and all year-round.
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Injury, Preventive Health

DIY gone wrong: Common injuries and how to prevent them

Don’t let your home improvement project land you in urgent care. Learn about common DIY-related injuries and how to prevent them from happening. 

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Indigo Team

Meet Patrick Downie, medical assistant concierge

See what motivates Patrick to provide five-star care every day. 
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Injury, Preventive Health

5 ways to manage low back pain

Don’t let lower back pain put a wrench in your outdoor and DIY home projects. Learn how to manage back pain and when to seek medical treatment.
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A better way to get better: 10 reasons to choose Indigo

Why choose Indigo Urgent Care? From our convenient hours and services to refreshingly fast and friendly care, Indigo is a better way to get better, and we have locations near you. 

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Allergy or Asthma

Nip spring allergies in the bud

Learn the causes of spring allergies, how to avoid and manage triggers, and what do to prevent and ease allergy symptoms.
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Indigo Urgent Care expands rapid COVID-19 testing

Get accurate and reliable COVID-19 test results same-day. MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care now offers rapid testing at 20 clinic locations throughout the Puget Sound and Spokane regions.    
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Illness or Infection

How to tell if a wound is infected

Even the smallest cuts are prone to harmful bacteria. Seek medical care right away if your wound shows signs of infection, including redness, swelling, warmth, pus or red streaks.

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Illness or Infection

Breathe easy: Treating and preventing sinus infections

Sinus infections are nothing to sniff at. Learn how to manage pain, congestion and other symptoms, and how to prevent sinus infections from disrupting your life.

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Illness or Infection

How to tell the difference between a bad headache and a migraine

When your head hurts, it's hard to focus on anything else. Here's how to spot the differences between headaches and migraines. 
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Injury, Illness or Infection

Urgent care, online care or ER: What's right for you?

Understanding your best options for care can save you time and money. Here's what you need to know before your next injury or illness happens. 
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Daylight saving time: Know the risks when you spring forward

Learn the health risks that come with daylight saving time, and find out how to ease into a new rhythm when you spring forward.
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