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Common causes of abdominal pain in children

Whether it's a tummy ache from eating too many sweets or something more concerning, stomach issues are not uncommon in children. 
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3 tips for relieving back pain in winter

Battling back pain? You're not alone. When temperatures drop, back pain tends to rise. 
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Measles 101: What you need to know about this contagious illness

Measles cases are on the rise. Learn how this virus can spread so easily. 
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Ear infections: Warning signs and treatment options

Learn about three of the most common types of ear infections and how to get relief.
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Why am I wheezing? Understanding common causes

Wheezing can be a temporary symptom or a longer-lasting condition. It's important to determine what is causing your wheezing so you can effectively manage it.
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MultiCare offers a variety of convenient flu care options

Take steps to avoid getting the flu, but if you do there are fast, affordable options for care.

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Croup in kids: Warning signs all parents should know

Most cases of croup can be treated at home, but sometimes symptoms quickly become more severe. Indigo medical providers are here to help.

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Treating slip and fall injuries

Slick surfaces in the winter months mean a greater chance of falling and becoming injured. Find out when you should seek care.
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Winter blunderland: 3 avoidable wintertime urgent care visits

Winter is rife with accidents and illness. But don't fret, your local Indigo Urgent Care has it under control.
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Broken bones: What you should know

If you think you've broken a bone, it's important to seek medical care as soon as possible.
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