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3 ways to prepare for allergy season this spring

Allergies have the tendency to ruin almost any spring event, but that doesn't have to be true for you this year. If you take the time to prepare your home before the pollen count and other allergens skyrocket, you can protect yourself from those tiresome allergy symptoms. Use these tips and tricks to have an easier allergy season and stay out of urgent care locations this year.


1)  Avoid tracking contaminants in the house

If you're allergic to pollen or pet dander, you are probably well aware of the importance of regularly cleaning to keep those allergens out of your furniture, rugs and bedding. However, even this cleaning won't combat the pollen you bring inside when you come home every day. Pollen tends to stick to clothes, skin and hair. This means that you need to treat your home like a space station whenever you come in from the outdoors by decontaminating yourself.

If you're able to, change your clothes and take a shower as soon as you step in the door to rinse off all of the pollen. An immediate cleansing may not be possible all the time, so be sure to at least change your clothes right away and shower before you climb into bed that night. Try to keep up the same cleanliness with your pets by using pet grooming wipes whenever they come inside.


2)  Keep your windows closed

3 Ways To Prepare For Allergy Season This Spring


Another technique to keep the pollen outside where it belongs is to keep your windows closed. While you may be tempted to crack them open and let in the beautiful spring breeze, even the smallest gaps present the perfect opportunities for allergens to enter your home. To make your indoor air quality even better suited for those with allergies, consider buying an air purifier with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter system. A purifier may be a bit of an investment, but it can remove a variety of allergens including pollen, pet dander, cigarette smoke and dust.   

3)  Try different treatments

If you keep finding yourself in urgent care locations this spring despite the allergen-prevention techniques you're using, you may need to change which treatments you're using for your allergies. Consult your doctor to go over the treatments available to you. There are several different medications that can treat persistent allergy symptoms as well as medicine-free treatments such as acupuncture. If you have a feeling that your symptoms won't lessen no matter what strategies you try, be sure to see an allergist before the season begins to come up with a treatment plan. 

Allergies affect almost every person, whether they know it or not. In fact, approximately 85% of Americans are allergic to poison ivy. No matter your specific allergies, you can find relief by seeking help from the professionals. Visit an Indigo Urgent Care location today to find allergy relief strategies that can turn your spring around.

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