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5 common conditions urgent care clinics treat

Even the healthiest individual can develop an illness or get injured.

Thankfully, urgent care clinics exist. You'll find thousands of these neighborhood health clinics around the country, where skilled medical providers can quickly tend to many types of health concerns. Approximately 3 million patients visit urgent care centers across the United States each week.

So what health issues are commonly addressed inside urgent care clinics? Here are five of the main conditions treated:

3-Million-Patients_blog1) Cold, fever or flu symptoms
People suffer from colds all the time, and most of these illnesses will eventually clear up on their own. Usually, medical treatment isn't necessary for dealing with the common cold. But if the symptoms worsen, there could be other underlying medical concerns.

The flu can sometimes lead to more serious complications if left untreated. Many urgent care centers can test for the flu virus and prescribe an antiviral that can shorten the duration of the illness. If you're unsure about your cold or flu symptoms or have a high fever that isn't subsiding after a few days of rest, head to a walk-in urgent care clinic.

2) Poison ivy or rashes
Skin rashes can range from minor annoyances to painful health scares. If you or anyone in your family comes in contact with poison ivy or has an unusual skin rash, it's best to act quickly and visit an urgent care facility as soon as possible.

3) Allergies
Whether you're trying to manage seasonal allergies or are suffering from a mild allergic reaction to something, urgent care centers are great for helping you cope with these medical concerns.

4) Minor fractures
Though multiple or complex fractures should be tended to by emergency room medical professionals, minor fractures can be quickly and efficiently handled by urgent care clinicians. How do you know the difference? If there's no blood and bone is not protruding through the skin, then chances are an urgent care may be the faster and more affordable option.

5) School and sports physicals
If your child is planning to play a school sport, urgent care centers can provide a sports physical examination. It’s a convenient option, especially if the registration deadline sneaks up on you and your child needs to be seen right away.

If you want to learn more about when to visit urgent care clinics or are in need of immediate medical attention for a minor illness or injury, visit Indigo Urgent Care today!

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