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Ingrown toenails: Everything you need to know

While ingrown nails generally aren't serious, they can become infected and painful. Find out the causes and how to treat them.
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It's getting hot in here: The dangers of dehydration and heat exhaustion

Fill your water bottle before you head outside, and find out other ways to prevent heat-related illnesses. 
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Summer colds: What are they and how do you treat them?

Summer colds are real, and they can catch you off guard. Learn the difference between a summer and winter cold, and how to get better.
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6 summer ailments: How to prevent and treat them

Knowing which health hazards to watch out for can make your summer more enjoyable.

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A basic guide to STD testing

It's not always an easy topic to discuss, but regular STD testing is important for good health. 
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Urinary tract infections: Common causes and treatment options

Whether it's your first one or a recurring issue, it's important to treat a UTI so it doesn't spread and become more serious. 
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When to see a doctor for a bad cough

It's normal for a cough to stick around for 1 to 3 weeks after a cold or flu. Keep an eye out for signs that warrant a visit to the doctor.

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Sinusitis: Symptoms to know and tips for relief

Indigo Urgent Care physician Jillian Weissman, MD, shares some tips to ease the symptoms of sinus infections.
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Norovirus: How to recognize this stomach bug and stop it from spreading

This highly contagious virus causes vomiting and diarrhea. Anyone can catch it. 
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3 different types of coughs you should know

Coughs are common this time of year. Learn about the different types.
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