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6 summer ailments: How to prevent and treat them

Knowing which health hazards to watch out for can make your summer more enjoyable.

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Ankle sprains 101: Causes, symptoms and treatments

Sprains are a real pain, but with the right treatment, you'll be back on your feet soon. 
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Tips for avoiding weekend warrior injuries

Injuries are more likely to happen when your body doesn't get consistent exercise. We'll share a few pointers to help you keep enjoying your favorite activities. 
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Essential guide for preventing and treating 3 common hiking injuries

Ready to get back into the great outdoors? Hiking is fun for all ages. Just be prepared before you hit the trails. 
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3 tips for relieving back pain in winter

Battling back pain? You're not alone. When temperatures drop, back pain tends to rise. 
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Treating slip and fall injuries

Slick surfaces in the winter months mean a greater chance of falling and becoming injured. Find out when you should seek care.
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