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Ingrown toenails: Everything you need to know

While ingrown nails generally aren't serious, they can become infected and painful. Find out the causes and how to treat them.
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What you need to know about bug bites this summer

Summer brings bug bites. Know the common types and when to head to your neighborhood Indigo Urgent Care for treatment of minor reactions with friendly care.

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How to sidestep a summer heat rash

Don’t let a summer heat rash intrude on your good summer vibes. Learn how to avoid the prickly skin irritation and how to comfortably treat symptoms if a rash pops up. 

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6 summer ailments: How to prevent and treat them

Knowing which health hazards to watch out for can make your summer more enjoyable.

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What's the difference between poison ivy and poison oak?

Knowing what characteristics to look for will help you avoid an encounter with these rash-inducing plants. 
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Measles 101: What you need to know about this contagious illness

Measles cases are on the rise. Learn how this virus can spread so easily. 
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