Top 6 blogs to read this summer

We get it. It's hard to keep up with the news, especially with everything that's been happening in 2020. So we've rounded up six of our most popular summertime blogs so you don't have to go searching for great reads. 

2020 Best of Summer blogs - kayaking, skateboarding and playing in water

5 most common DIY injuries
When you’re trying to channel Joanna Gaines
All those hours of watching HGTV, you must be a pro by now, right? Watch for these common mishaps that could take you on a detour to urgent care.

What's the difference between poison ivy and poison oak?
When you step off the beaten path
Your adventurous spirit landed you in a patch of green. Were those plants poisonous? Learn how to recognize them and save yourself from the dreaded rash. 

What you need to know about bug bites this summer
When the bugs decide you’re their snack
Whether you forgot to apply the insect repellant or you’re just a natural target, those bites can be irritating and painful. Watch for these signs of infection and serious reactions. 

It's getting hot in here: The dangers of dehydration and heat exhaustion
When you’ve had too much fun in the sun
Grab your water bottle, learn the warning signs of heat-related conditions, and get tips for keeping your cool.

5 signs you need stitches
When you wish the delete button could erase the wound
A nasty cut, scrape or gash can happen in a split-second. Find out when you should go to urgent care to get stitched up.

Ingrown toenails: Everything you need to know
When a pedicure is not the cure 
Learn what causes ingrown nails and how to recognize signs of an infection. Our helpful treatment tips will get you back on your feet in no time.

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