Treating slip and fall injuries

Injuries resulting from accidental slips and falls can range from a minor scrape to a broken bone or even a traumatic brain injury. These types of injuries often increase in occurrence during the winter months due to extra slippery surfaces, but they can occur at any time. Here are a few things you should know about slip and fall injuries:

Causes and Types

During the winter, icy sidewalks or wet floors are chief causes of slip and fall injuries. Additional causes could include debris on the ground, uneven surfaces, or generally unsafe areas. Slip and fall accidents can result in a variety of injuries. Head injuries are some of the most common and can result in concussions or even traumatic brain injuries. If you fall and hit your head, you should seek medical treatment right away, especially if you lose consciousness or begin to bleed.

Cuts and abrasions are other common injuries from slip and fall accidents. Fortunately, most of these injuries require minimal medical attention. Broken bones are often seen with slip and fall injuries as well. Broken bones can vary in severity and always require medical treatment. If there is a sharp, concentrated pain in a bone, there's a good chance it was fractured or broken.

Seeking Medical Attention

Fracture-Care-blogAs mentioned above, any slip and fall accident that results in a head injury needs to be looked at by a medical professional. For minor head injuries, stitches or pain medication may be necessary. More serious head injuries may need medical assessments and scans, and further tests may be needed to determine the level of damage.

Accidents that result in cuts and abrasions generally just require bandages, but some may need stitches until fully healed. As for broken bones, X-rays will be needed. Fortunately, four out of five urgent care clinics offer fracture care services. So if you suspect you may have broken a bone, visit an urgent care center for proper X-rays and casting as needed. Indigo Urgent Care offers digital X-ray services onsite. Medical providers can evaluate your injury to determine if it is a minor fracture that can be treated on the spot, or if you need to be referred to a higher level of care.

Most slip and fall accidents result in minor injuries, but they can be serious too. So always be aware of your surroundings and if you sustain a severe injury from a slip and fall accident, make sure you seek the appropriate medical treatment.

Indigo Urgent Care clinics are open from 8 am to 8 pm every day. Walk-ins are always welcome, or you may book an appointment online.


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